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Breathing new life into a family garden

After a complete life as a family garden; now the children have flown the nest it was time for a revamp.

This design was built on three levels; level 1 the lower level is paved and sweep clean; widened for additional access. Level 2 is a family patio but now for large family parties that include the grand children.

Mandy & NicksMandy & Nicks

A Mixture of Acid Loving Shrubs and Lots of Herbaceous Perennials

Rise to level three and you are greeted by grade A turf and a Cedar shingled gazebo surrounded by deck and balustrade. Curtains can be zipped closed for inclement days and the gazebo has lighting and a roof mounted heater.

The planting is a mixture of acid loving shrubs and lots of herbaceous perennials, giving all year round colour and a naturalistic low maintenance feel.

Mandy & NicksMandy & NicksMandy & Nicks
Mandy & Nicks

Ambient lighting within the third level border finishes the garden along with Bradstone Maddock retaining walls and coping.

A place designed to have fun, relax and be with the family; plus indulge the clients passion for plants.

Mandy & Nicks

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