The Garden Design Process

67 Nursery Road Garden

Why have your garden designed?

Garden space is a precious commodity in modern times. It’s true to say that space is very limited in towns and cities, and it makes ultimate sense to use and utilise every square metre.

The garden also gives a visual link to nature, and forms a sanctuary where you can escape the pressures of modern life. It is an extension to your home; another room, where you can relax, eat, entertain and watch your children play.

Ultimately having your garden designed adds value and appeal to your property.

67 Nursery Road Garden

Why employ a garden designer?

Designing your garden can be stressful, expensive and time consuming plus takes a range of skills to bring the process to a successful outcome. The garden designer you choose should have been through a formal training process and be able to assess your requirements and needs and match this to a budget to create an area appropriate for your lifestyle.

Your designer should be someone you can trust, and be able to present a number of options for the situation being faced. Helping you avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes.

The Garden Design Process

There are a number of logical steps to be followed to bring any garden design project to a successful outcome. These steps are detailed below:

67 Nursery Road Garden

Initial consultation – An Initial consultation with you to establish the criteria on which a garden design can be based. This normally would be a site meeting where we can talk to you about your requirements and the type of project you have in mind. At this point services, fee structure and budget are normally discussed as well as your wants and needs.

Site survey – A full survey of the site is carried out which includes soil pH, texture, structure and drainage analysis, plus ascertaining what services are on site, aspect ,orientation and their effects for your garden. The production and presentation of a site survey and analysis report with recommendations is produced and presented to you for discussion.

Design brief – Analysis of both site survey results and the information from the initial consultation gives outline proposals from which a garden design may be developed. These proposals are presented to you, discussed and concept plans are drawn up.

Concept plans – After initial discussions concept ideas are drawn up and discussed with you. Normally two or three concept ideas would be presented. This stage would also include basic overview plans, elevations, pictures and samples of proposed products to be used, so that you can get the feel of what is being suggested and start to visualise what your new garden is going to look like.

67 Nursery Road Garden

Master/ presentation plan – After agreement of a working concept idea the production of a full working design plan (Master plan) is carried out. This would include elevations and construction drawings where appropriate; to totally illustrate design features being proposed for your garden. A full presentation of the plan is made to you detailing plants and features to be incorporated.

Build estimate – If required an estimate of build costs can be given, to include initial groundwork operations, hard and soft landscaping materials, garden structures and any legal applications that need to be made.

…..and then the real fun begins folks, construction planting and establishment of your new garden!
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