Garden Make Over Plans

Perhaps your garden is looking tired and in need of a makeover?  We offer a general make over service where plans are produced to scale after initial discussion with you. These plans detail hard landscape materials and suggestions on planting styles.

Perhaps your planting is looking tired and in need of a re-vamp. Again we can produce planting makeover plans to revitalise your planted areas, getting them looking fresh and tidy.

Selling your property and need to give it a little kerb appeal? Why not let us advise you on simple quick and efficient methods to get you that sale. We will install as well if that’s what you require.

No.3: Anticipate the changes your garden will undergo through the years.  Gardens change over time and it is important to take this natural evolution into account. For example; you may long for an ornamental pond but have small children at the present time; you can postpone the construction of the pond until the children are older and use the area as a sandpit or even a lawn.

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